Calcium Acetylacetonate  
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County, Shandong P.R., China
Acetylacetone Sales:
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Chiping Huahao Chemical Co., Ltd., in its early establishment, tool innovation and development as the operation tenet of the enterprise, and devoted to establishing innovative enterprise, improving the enterprise by innovation and shaping the enterprise image by innovation. Sincere services and social contribution is our basis.
Talent is the precious resource of an enterprise, also the soul and original force for its innovation. We make efforts to form a united, innovative, positive team full of warmness to guarantee each talent to get enough respect and affection. We offer chances for all staff to put their ability to good use, make them show themselves better, realize their life value and make them recognized by the society.
Technology training enterprises. The company adopts innovative process and specialized production line to provide chemical products with high purity for the society. Stict and fine management, perfect production equipment, precise testing instruments, professional technologists and skillful operators can fully meet the requirement of the users on the product quality, be able to become the top in the same trade.
In order to create benefits for customers, win-win is the basis for all cooperation. Guided by the market, for continuous improvement, the enterprise makes the interests of customers in the first place while pursuing self-development, builds up enterprise external platform with high quality products and service. Sincere service and joint development are invariable tenet of the enterprise, the precondition of the sustainable development of the enterprise. Chiping Huahao Chemical Co., Ltd. wishes to develop hand in hand with each circle of the society to create splendor jointly.
This is a united, positive, democratic, complementary team full of warmness, to make users satisfied is our eternal pursue. The employees consider the success of the company as the max. success of themselves. We never waste time and energy, and make internal contradiction. We always gather up and unite together to meet the demand of the respectable users.
We hire eligible talent who are an indispensable ring in the chain of the company value, also a nonreplaceable functional unit in quality control system. They are from different places with different culture background and experiences. For the common target, they complete most effective power transmission by closest unity just like gear. They exist just for cooperation, no rotation breaking away from the collective has positive meaning. They form a connecting link between the preceding and the following, supervise mutually, care for each other and cooperate with each other by every effort; this is a collective with both efficiency and order, and there is the most perfect harmony of system and friendship.
Chiping Huahao Chemical Co., Ltd. gets the investment from overseas, open coastal city, state-owned enterprises and nongovernmental business. Returning to the society is the pursued target of the company, Huahao Chemical considers developing local economy as its self task and wishes to delicate to the local economic development.
Huahao Chemical, keeping its own fast economic growth, always pays more attention to the environment protection, devoting to continuous improvement of the economic order and sustainable development of ecological environment. Pursuing the best harmony of enterprise, economic environment and ecological environment.
Chiping Huahao Chemical Co., Ltd. promises to protect and improve the environment by reducing the adverse effect on environment during the production and operation. We will abide by the principle of sustainable development, and accept our responsibility the we should bear in protecting ecological environment. When the adverse effect on environment, meanwhile we also promise to improve continuously our production equipment, environment for improving our environment performance.

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